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The Magic Moonstone – Excerpt


At the core of Damion’s altered realm of madness and frozen time, breathed a fiery cavern made of long, ruby-red crystals and sharp spires of black rock. The red crystals pulsed with an internal light that seemed almost living and the darkened rocks shimmered with veins of inky-black seep. In this unnatural hollow beneath Castle Moonstone, deep within the belly of the mountain, the smallest noises created loud echoes and a haunting wind whistled through the crystal cavern, mimicking the distant wails of suffering souls.
In the sunken heart of the red cavern, an amphitheater of sand opened like a pit reserved for dueling gladiators. There, bound in terrible chains, waited the colossal Blue Dragon of Time— tired, defeated and near death.
An intricate network of walkways and overlooks surrounded the pit. At the highest of these overlooks, the portal of fire and ash opened and Cordelia, Cristina, Ahmal and Stephan entered the lair of the Master of Fire and Shadow.
The group surveyed the surrounding cavern and peered down from the dizzying height of the small overlook to the amphitheater below. Cordelia’s heart raced in amazement when she beheld the mythically beautiful dragon. The magnificent creature, with its body of sparkling sapphire scales and curling tail edged with pearly-white thorns, looked to be sleeping, wrapped in its folded wings of silver, purple and blue plates. Cordelia guessed the dragon to be longer than a passenger train, wider than a row of houses, and its rounded chest, heaving in sleep, broader than a sailing ship. For a quiet, awestruck moment, she and her friends stood breathless in sheer wonder.
Then, as if sensing the presence of the four, Zephyr lifted her head and faced the group. Her eyes were bottomless blue oceans that looked deeply, thoughtfully, into the eyes and hearts of each of the young adventurers. Limitless wisdom, boundless compassion and ages of memories shimmered like rays from sunlit gems in the eyes of the dragon.
“A truly magnificent beast!” exclaimed Stephan.
“She is more than a beast,” whispered Ahmal in awe. “She is a deity, good and pure.”
Cristina cupped her hands over her heart. “I can’t find the words to express how beautiful she is. Though it is so sad…she is in such pain…”
Ahmal took Cristina’s hands in his. “You can feel it, too?”
“Yes. I feel the cold of her shackles on my wrists and my chest is heavy with sorrow.” A tear rolled down her face and fell into her locks of sun-yellow hair. Ahmal brushed it away.
“There is a gentle power in you, Cristina, that I deeply admire,” stated Ahmal.


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