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Feedbacks, Photos and Letters from some of our customers:

~ Photos from customers ~


We just recieved the Ana Ming doll last week. She is so beautiful.
The clothes you make for the carpatina dolls are beyond description, they are such high quality and your
attention to detail is above and beyond most doll makers today.
My daughter Emily loves Ana Ming so much that she won't go anywhere without her.
Thank you so much for putting so much love and effort into these dolls. It really shows.


Isabella is much prettier than she looks in her photo!  It must be that the two-dimensional medium of photography has trouble capturing a 3D work of art.  I can definitely see the "family resemblance" to Kat (or Alyssa or Laurel) when I put Isabella next to them, of course, as they are all Vernon Thornblad face-designs.  Isabella has a more natural-shaped mouth, a closer-to-realistic-size head, and a slimmer, shapelier face.  I adore the Stardust dolls, but I think Isabella represents an improvement in the "sculpt" and the face paint.  I never would have known that from just looking at photos of the dolls.
Also, Isabella's *hair* is phenomenal!  My daughter and I both agree it's the best--better than our human-hair dolls or mohair dolls, and human hair and mohair are considered the standards of excellence and quality, aren't they?  Isabella's feels better, looks better, and will certainly hold up better!  This is doll hair that will not be destroyed by the dreaded Velcro! :)
Anyway, I just wanted to share that...I'm definitely a fan.  I love to see a company that is committed to quality and doing things right the first time.  Julia and Emma will definitely be joining Isabella here.  :):)

" My name is Stella and I'm eight years old. For Christmas my mommy got me Isabella, and I love her.
She 's a really fun doll to play with. Especially when I'm playing princess.
My sister actually got it for me; but my mom ordered it. Duh!
I also got her yellow splendor gown, and it looks really good on her.
I really wanted to tell you, thanks for thinking of Carpatina dolls, they're great!
Thanks again, Stella*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"This Christmas, I fell in love with Julia (Carpatina), and purchased her for myself for Christmas. She is just as beautiful in person, and I love her Renaissance outfit! After doing research on www.justmagicdolls.com, I also added a Magic Attic Heather, who I renamed "Beth". They are both beautiful dolls and I ended up having a "Dolly Holiday", which is the best kind of holiday!
Beth ("Heather") arrived before Julia did (dear Beth was from the next state up and Julia was across the country!). Julia's Renaissance outfit was shipped separately and also arrived before Julia!For several days, Beth looked at that outfit...and then she finally had to try it on! What a beautiful outfit! She looked like a Renaissance princess! This did not last long, though, for who should show up, but Julia herself! She recognized her finest clothing, and wanted her outfit back! Well, of course, Beth gave it back. Then she hopped onto the internet to order Alissa's gown (Stardust Classics), so they can be Renaissance Princesses together!However, this is not the end of the story. Beth was going through the box of clothes they share, and has now tried on Julia's original peach/pink dress. It matches her face paint wonderfully! Beth figures that it is better to wear such a beautiful, high quality dress then to keep it in a box! The question is, should she avoid Julia while she is wearing it or fess up? (It really is a beautiful dress and looks fabulous on her-as well as on Julia, of course!)

"Wanted you to know that Julia is here in perfect condition. I'm very pleased and find her to be lovely and different from others in my collection. Julia's hair is wonderful to style. I especially like her skin tone. She reminds me just a little of the Magic Attic Rose--I had considered Rose but decided to wait for Julia instead. Also, wanted to mention she was so nicely packaged in the blue box with a generous net to protect Julia's hair. Thanks again,
Barbara Pederson"

"I received all 3 dolls today! They are absolutely beautiful and perfect! The quality of the dolls and clothing are superior!
Thank you so much! My biggest challenge will be trying decide which outfit I'm going to use my gift certificate on! Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! After all, I will get all the outfits! I just need a few more holidays to use as my excuse to purchase a gift for myself! :o)
Thanks again, Mihaela!
Yours, BJ"
Letter from Isabella
.................................Dear Mommy,Hi, I got here really fast! But it was pretty bumpy. Mrs. Stillman is really nice. She calls me Izzy to make me more acceptable to the other girls (who are a tad less classy than I am; don't you think)? Heather (she's a magic attic doll) introduced me to all the other girls. She said she's Jewish. What does that mean mom?
Anyway, about the other girls. Chloe was a bit snobby but I think she was just jealous because I'm prettier than her, and my eyes close. She'll be okay I'm sure.
The minute I got here Mrs. Stillman put me in an American Girl school with Alison and Megan. They let me wear one of their camp outfits. Even the shoes fit me! And I must admit I looked FABULOUS!
When I was in school I was a little nervous but Keisha actually gave me her magic attic key to make me feel at home. Wasn't that nice?
Last night, I slept in one of the Springmaid beds all by myself!! It had a sheet and a quilt and everything it certainly beat that blue box I was sleeping in. Are you gonna make Carpatina canopy beds for us?
Affordable ones so that Mrs. stillman can buy a few?
They gave me a Ginny doll to cuddle in bed, but I asked for a beanie baby instead. I had the poodle.
This place is crawling with dolls mom! Ginnys and Wendy's and krippenbushes and some trashy whore named ..Umm Brittany spears or something there are even a couple of ugly yuck Barbie dolls around, Rose told me these ones have genitals! Whatever they are. Is that the opposite of generals? I wonder if that makes them limited editions?Well mom I could go on but I know you are a busy CEO now so I'll go have a tea party with that talking baby over there.
Mrs. stillman is on the computer again. She says she paints but I haven't seen her do it! All she does is spend money! On dolls!Give my best to all the other Isabellas and Julias.