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  • Customer's Feedback:

    I've been an admirer of your products, both the doll line, which originally led me to your site and the clothing made for adults, for a long time. I recently purchased one of your blouses for a costuming occassion, where I was dressed as Marion Ravenwood (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) and I received many compliments.
    I appreciate your beautiful clothing and be back for more.
    Thank you,

    Burgundy Velvet Cloak ~ Paisley Brocade Lining:
    This cloak was the perfect addition to my wedding attire. The cloak fits perfectly and it is warm as well a gorgeous.
    Great work,

    Herald Trumpet outfits:
    The outfits came in yesterday and I am VERY pleased with them - especially the burgundy and gold. I will advertise them with my herald
    trumpet business...if my clients want more, than I will definitely be in touch with you about making some others.
    Thank you for your excellent work!

    The cloak is beautiful and my wife to be will wear it with honor on her wedding day
    Thank you so much

    I’m speechless! You finally succeeded in finding the exact color for my velvet cloaks.
    Great job! Yrs sincerely

    Photos from customer for some custom made costumes:

    Wedding Cloak

    Blue Heraldic Costume

    Peasant Blouses

    Link Tunic & Hat

    Burgundy & Gold Heraldic Costume

    Gimli Tunic (LOTR)