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The Jaws of Victory is a 2-map simulation of the January-February 1944 battle of the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket that took place in the Ukraine. It’s a classic pincer movement by two Soviet Armies that pocketed two German Korps.

The game comes boxed and ready to play. Game includes; two 22 x 24 in. maps, 1280 die-cut counters, a rule book and play book, two dice, and assorted charts and tables. See More Details!

Price: $120.00 USD


Pre-Publication Offer: For a limited time, we are offering a pre-publication discount price of only $85.00 (USD), a $35 savings off the regular price! This offer ends approximately a week before the game is released (projected to be late September 2019).

Shipping/mailing charges additional.


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A Word About our Pre-Publication Offer
The pre-publication discount NES offers for its games is a great opportunity for our customers to purchase a game at a considerable savings and at the same time help support a limited resourced publisher.

Unlike other game companies, the pre-publication offer from NES is not a “P500” type of purchase. Payments are transferred to us immediately and the funds received during the pre-publication period are used to help with production. Also, the number of pre-publication orders recieved is not a determinate as to if or when a game will be released. At NES, once a pre-publication offer is announced, we are committed to the release of the game within six months—no matter how few take advantage of the offer.

We understand completely if paying for a game in advance of publication may make some of you uncomfortable, particularly if you have not done so with us before. If so, please wait until the game is released before making your purchase.