18inch Soft Body Dolls

Clothes and Accessories
Outfits will fit 18" soft body dolls like American Girl® Dolls.


English princess doll outfit

German princess doll outfit

Akai Hime doll dress

Peasant blouse for 18 inch doll  



Princess dress

Princess dress

Princess dress

Marie Antoinette Doll Dress
Princess dress
Brianna dress for doll

 Princess dress

 Giovanna Princess dress

Dianna Doll Princess dress
Princess Cloak for doll
Marie Antoinette Doll Dress
Purple doll cloak
Victorian Doll Dress
Edwardian doll dress
Victorian doll dress
Edwardian Dress  

Contemporary and Period Doll Clothes

American Girl dolls Red wool coat for 18 inch doll
American Girl Doll Clothes White Christmas Easter Dress
American Girl Doll Clothes Easter School Vintage Cotton Dress
American Girl Doll Clothes Victorian Purple Ball dress
American Girl Doll Clothes Blue Easter dress
American Girl Doll Clothes American Girl Doll Clothes Shirt Skirt Party Outfit
Glitter Girl Vintage Dress Cherry Blossoms Afternoon Stroll

American Girl Doll Clothes White dress Wedding brodal christmas
American Girl Dolls Communion White wedding Dress
American Girl Doll Clothes Prom party dress
American Girl Dolls Communion White wedding Dress
Magenta dress for doll
18 inch doll outfit
Pink doll dress for american girl
18 inch doll outfit
Yellow doll dress
Mist doll dress
Silver dress for dollGold dress for doll
Meow dress for doll
American girl school outfit
Starlight doll outfit
Elegance doll dress
Doll trenchcoat
Summer doll outfit
Doll Saturday night outfit
Vintage doll dress

Polka dot doll dress

Pink doll dress

White Ballerina doll dress

American Girl Dolls Spring Summer Pink Dress

 Vintage doll dress

Vintage Butterfly Pink Lace
Private School
Pink Ballerina doll dress

Princess dress

American Girl Doll Clothes Pink Summer Dress
Hollywood dress for doll
Outfit for 18 inch doll
Private School
Bag for 18 inch doll
Tights for doll
undergarments for doll
American Girl Doll tights
Purse for doll
White Shoes

american girl doll shoes

American Girl Doll Shoes


Oriental Style Outfits ~ International

 Vietnamese doll dress

Kimono dress for doll

 Chinese dress for 18 inch doll

 Korean Hanbok for 18inch doll

Yuan Princess dress for doll
Qing Dress for doll
Indian Sari for doll
Kimono for 18 inch doll
Yuan Dynasty Princess Qing Dynasty Robe Indian Sari Sun Blossom Kimono




Strawberry PJ
Doll PJs
Pink Pajama
Christmas Snow Doll PJ
Cherry dream PJ
Cherry Dream - PJs


Undergarment for doll
Panda Slippers for dolls

Panda Slippers



18" Doll Accessories

 Doll hangers

 18 inch doll stand

Hair bruch for doll 

18 inch doll dress form