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Transylvania, a land of ancient beauty and mysterious folklore. A land protected from time by the deep forest of the Carpathian mountains and the shimmering waters of the Danube. A land who's traditional skills are woven in its cultural fabric and passed on to the next generation.
From the heart of this land comes a traditional peasant blouse of unique quality, made from fine hand woven cotton and hand embroidered with exquisite patterns of pure silk. These beautiful, romantic blouses can be worn with a skirt, under a dress, a bodice or a doublet.

Silk Wedding Dress

Made in Cotton Velvet or Wool

Cotton Peasant Skirts

Romantic Chemise or Nightgown

 Peasant Outfits

18" Vinyl Doll

Wedding Cloaks

Peasant Blouses Hand Made in Transylvania
Made in fine cotton with hand embroidery and hand smocking

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